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Thu, 17th May. 2007, 10:48
[kythorn 16] Stop Your Bitching

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Sun, 22nd Apr. 2007, 22:07
[Kythorn 4]

Well, I am unable to Apparate out of here back to the world of the living. I didn't really expect to be able to. it's likely too great a distance. However I have been able to look around more of the city, and even get a few free meals.

Mon, 16th Apr. 2007, 00:41
[kythorn 1] my wand's gone

Who the FUCK took my wand. Do you realize what I had to go through to get that? I haven't even had it a whole year.
Wait, James? Did you take my wand? The fact that you're dead really doesn't mean much to me, since this is supposed to be the afterlife. James?
Couldn't be James who took it, he'd have jumped out by now. You'd think he would have been here to greet me, I mean I thought I heard him when I fell through the Veil. There were so many voices, but I was sure I heard James.
look whoever took my wand, I want it back. If I have to hunt you down to get it I will.
anyone who can explain why the afterlife looks so dirty, I'm all ears.